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My name is CJ Rooney and for the past decade I’ve helped people prosper by utilizing my eternal curiosity for how to do things better.


– Writes songs about sales funnels
– Provides SaaS presentations
– Thinks about expanding outputs

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CJ Rooney
Before Demo

Learning to scale an online business from scratch is fun sometimes, but not ideal for speed-to-market and actually converting sales. 

After Demo

CJ provides you with repeatable framework customizable for your strategy which simply puts customers into your business with the software.

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Sales are important for every business.

Especially for online-based businesses, it’s important to have reliable flow within your leadbase so that you can convert those to sales.  Feel free to reach-out when you need help!

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You’ve got ideas? Let’s connect the dots.

Funnel Design & Build

Assembled processes configured, and installed for you.

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Streamline everything so you don’t have to search how to do it all yourself.

Conversion Optimization

You don’t have guess– we can test! Continuously improve your funnel over time.

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