On Remixing Songs from The Wizard of Oz

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This year I’m making a conscious effort to produce and release more music.  After re-reading my interview with Matt Farley and my own Fiverr experiment I did last year, it’s actually a lot easier to produce ideas now than was before.  In this post, I’m covering my experiment with remixing tracks from The Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Odd

It was something that I thought about for awhile: could I produce a project in the spirit of the original movie, but make it something different and unique?  I set some guidelines for this experiment: use of samples exclusively from the Wizard of Oz Movie was the main one, with the exception of percussion (drums).  With that basic guideline in place, I was ready to work.

At the time, I was using FruityLoops to produce music.  I used the FruityLoops program mostly to arrange and produce the tracks, which meant that the samples (from the movie) had to be cut prior and then arranged in folders as “potential sounds” for the songs I was producing (more about the process below).

The Process

The process is simple, but it wasn’t easy.  It’s hard to find samples of the movie that are ready to go.  So from the start, I had to find a variety of sounds from the movie, and then cut those up into samples I could use for the songs.  For slicing up the sounds, I used Audacity.  Once I sliced up the sample/s, I added them into folders to import in FruityLoops.  FruityLoops is where I composed/arranged the samples into tracks.

The Songs

There were 14 tracks that made the cut for the project.  Some are better than others.  Below is the track list for the “Wizard of Odd” Project.

Hi Kansas

For this track, samples were used and composed to create an airy-type of feel for the song.

Beep Beep

I always wanted to experiment with cutting up an existing song and then create something new.  This track was one of a few tracks on this project, in which, I composed the song in a way to make it sound as if the Tin Man was rapping a verse (rather than singing the original melody in the movie).

Bringin’ the Crown

One of the most hardcore sounding tracks on this project, it’s also one of my favorites.  Samples taken from the Cowardly Lion, I really like how the samples worked out for both sections of the song (the laugh samples in the part 1 and the “mmmm, mmm, mmm, mm” in part 2).

Get Hi

For this track, it consists of samples mostly from the Tin Man.  This was one of the first tracks that used vocal effects to apply to the samples.

Get Up and Fight

Honestly, this is my favorite track on the project.  I don’t know exactly how it worked out the way it did, but it’s almost exactly what I was hoping to produce: a darker track with the Cowardly Lion rapping.


Also one of my favorites from the project, this track was one of the first to apply a scratch effect (eg. “pay no attention to that man”), and it worked out pretty well.

Light-to-Dark-to-Light Journey

As I was sampling and producing other songs for the project, I noticed some samples that were lighter and darker sounds.  With that correlation in mind, I started to organize samples based on those categories and just put together a track that was something kind of weird.

Oz Cypher

Similar to some of the other songs of this project, I wanted to produce something, like, a cypher in which several samples from the movie were put together to make it sound like the characters were sitting around going back-and-forth spitting verses (rapping).


The jam!  You can break it down on this song, and I don’t know why, but I always think it’d be a perfect track for E-40 to do a verse on.

Do Me

You do you: I do me, this was an odd track I wanted to produce for the project as I was hearing some ideas when sampling Dorothy.

Spiritually Physically

This was one of the few “beats” for the project in which you (or someone from Oz) could easily spit a 16-bar verse!

The House

One of the oddest tracks for this project, I debated even adding it, but decided it’d be odd if I didn’t.

Who Are You

This was another fun track to put together.  Sampling a variety of sounds from the movie, I like how the Wizard actually sounds like he’s saying “The Great Odd, Odd, odd…”


You know the track this was sampled from.  Though the drums did need some work, I liked the overall feel of it so put it on the project.

In Review

This project took some time to put together, but in my opinion, it was well worth it.  The experiment, though no commercial success, allowed me to try out some new ideas and produce something unique.  I’ve thought about doing this type of experiment with other movies (eg. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), but we’ll see if that ever develops.  Hope to produce more projects in the coming years!

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