How to Produce Original Songs (in Less Than a Week) Using Fiverr

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Have you ever wanted to produce your own song, but didn’t know where to start?  In this post, you’ll learn an alternative method to produce that song concept in your head– from start to finish!


Song ideas usually come at the most inconvenient times– while in the shower, driving down the road, in the middle of talking to a friend– you know, the times where it just doesn’t make sense to put everything on-hold in order to work out an inspired song idea.

So over the years, I’ve developed a process– which works– and you might want to try out.  The Song Concepting Process consists of the following:

  1. Capture the song idea
  2. Complete the song idea (eg lyrics, sections of the song, melody, etc)
  3. Produce the song

Steps 1-2 are relatively easy for anyone with a little persistence– however, step 3 can trip you up.  Why?  Well, if you’re like me, you might be able to goof around with a few instruments, but I don’t consider myself a talented musician, singer nor music producer– do you?  In the past, I could bribe friends to work-out the song concept with me– and they’d be down to knock it down if I set it up.  Time and technology changes.

Developing music with friends is the most enjoyable process to develop a music project (eg an album, EP, a band, etc), but it’s not the only way.  In the past, finding talented musicians, hiring them and coordinating studio time was a hassle.  Nowadays, anyone can produce their own music by hiring musicians through online marketplaces.

Before we start this adventure, let’s clear up a few things:

  • All you need to start this process is a song idea and some pocket change (to hire musicians via online marketplaces)
  • You don’t need to know how to use any music producing tools (eg FL Studio, Audacity, etc)
  • You do need to know how you want it to sound, but you don’t need to know how it’s composed

Literally, the only things you need is creativity and persistence (and a bit of dough to complete the process)!

Note: Throughout this post, I use the terms Seller, Contractor, and Musician interchangeably.  They all mean the same thing.  They all contract services the same way for you on Fiverr.

How I Produced a Song With Evernote.com + Fiverr.com

Overview of the Song, “What’s Your Name”

Honestly, I was just messing around.  I was conceptualizing a song about mistaken identity, and like a lot of other bald guys, we get referenced to names, like, Lex Luther, Bruce Willis, etc. — or at least, my bro and I do!  So I wrote a song about it, and produced the song using Fiverr.com.

Here is the overall process:

  1. Capture the song idea using Evernote (This was the actual Evernote Link which I shared with the contractors on Fiverr).
  2. Use Fiverr.com to source and hire musicians (as contractors) for producing the song.
  3. Receive the song (as a .wav file), and deliver the song in video format to be placed as a Youtube video.

“What’s Your Name” Song Credits:

Keys/Guitar: This Guy

Vocals: This Guy

Mixing/Mastering: This Guy

Songwriter and Producer: CJ

As you can see, it’s a really simple process.  It’s all about connecting the dots and seeing the project to the end.

Using Fiverr.com for Sourcing and Hiring Musicians


This was the experimental question:

Could I produce an entire song (from start to finish) using the Fiverr.com Marketplace?

If you’re not already familiar, Fiverr is a popular online marketplace where people around the world offer a variety of services starting at $5.  Oh yeah, you can also hire musicians on Fiverr, too!

Using Evernote.com for Saving the Song Concept for Fiverr Sellers

In reality, you can use any cloud-based solution to store the audio file and lyrics, but I chose Evernote.  Evernote.com has a feature to store audio recordings.  Because Fiverr Sellers need to know several aspects of the song in order to get started on your project, I consolidated, both, the initial audio recording (of me humming the song– scratch vocals) and the lyrics–  all within the same note in my Evernote Account.

Note: Before delivering the Evernote Link to your Fiverr Seller, ensure that the Evernote Link is set to “Public View” (so they can access it).

From that point, I had a hyperlink (for the Publicly Viewable Evernote Link) which I used to solicit potential singers, producers and musicians on Fiverr.  Not all of the Fiverr Sellers would good fits for this project.  For example, some Fiverr Sellers just weren’t interested, some sellers took too long to respond to my inquiry (or didn’t respond at all) and some sellers, frankly, were charging too much for their custom order.

Hiring Musicians on Fiverr

Just search Fiverr.com and you’ll find a lot of different options to consider for your next project. If you’re new to Fiverr, you’ll want to consider a few concepts, though, before moving forward and booking the gigs.

  1. Collect a list of potential musicians on Fiverr that seem right for your song
  2. Reach out to the musicians on Fiverr (to gauge their interest, and ability to meet your requirements)
  3. Consider the Order of Operations for your particular song concept
  4. Book the gigs
  5. Complete the project

Collect a list of potential musicians on Fiverr that are right for your song

You want options.  After you’ve completed the entire song idea (lyrics, melody, etc), I’d suggest you develop a list of potential contractors on Fiverr as your next step.  Once you have the list, you can batch process an outreach strategy to reach-out to each potential contractor.  This way, you’re not wasting time focusing on a single contractor which might not meet your requirements for the project.

Reaching out to the musicians on Fiverr

Before hiring the contractors for your project, you want to make sure they clearly understand what you’re asking for in the initial message about project.  Fiverr provides a “Contact” option for each Seller, which you should use to gauge the contractor’s interest and ability to deliver what you need.  Though you have Fiverr Support as an intermediary to ensure you get a refund if the contractor fails to deliver what you need, it’s a time consuming process which may jeopardize your project delivery time for the other contractors involved in the project.

Consider the Order of Operations for your song

This can be broken down in a few different ways, but one way to think about it is:

  • You need an instrumental track for the singer to use
  • You need the instrumental track/s and singer track/s for mixing and mastering the song

Therefore, with a little problem solving, I’d suggest the following order of operations:

  1. Hire the contractor/s for the instrumental track first
  2. Then, when the instrumental track is delivered (successfully), hire the vocalist
  3. Then, when the vocalist/singer delivers the gig (successfully), hire the mixing and mastering gig

With this process, you will likely have at least three contractors (depending the complexity of the song) to hire during the entire project.

Book the gigs

Fiverr Contractors are seeking your business and don’t appreciate too much back-and-forth communication (without promising to do business with them).  The way to keep your potential contractors happy and ensure you get the result that you’re looking for is to actually book the gigs with each contractor.  So once you’ve identified which contractors would be the best fit for your song, book the gig!

Complete the Project

Throughout the process, keep the end-goal in mind: a finished project.  Knowing there are several steps that need completed, the focus on your end should be to keep the project moving forward.  Once you get a successful gig delivered from one contractor, move on and book the next gig.  Do this until the final project is delivered.

How You Can Produce a Song Using Evernote and Fiverr

image of an order in fiverr dashboard

Capture Your Song Idea

Use something, like, Evernote.  Capture the song idea; preferably right when you get the song idea.  And then work out the song idea over time to complete the song concept.

Useful tips for capturing your song ideas:

  • Evernote.com
  • Evernote Mobile App (for recording audio to your Evernote account via mobile app)
  • Songwriting Apps (to overcome writer’s block, consider an app, like, Writer’s Songwriting Lite to get a stream of topics for your song)

Complete the Song Concept

Depending on your song idea, you’ll likely need a melody and lyrics to complete the song concept.  Additionally, you’ll want to think about the sections of your song (eg. verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, etc).

Useful tips for capturing your song ideas:

  • Edit Your Evernote Note (by adding/revising the lyrics until the concept is complete)
  • Use a rhyming dictionary, like, RhymeZone to piece together the hard-to-figure-out lyrics

Prepare Song for Soliciting to Musicians

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential Fiverr contractors– what do they need to understand about your song in order to deliver a great gig for you?  For starters, they’ll need to know the melody, sections of the song, lyrics and other notes you’ve jotted down.  For simplicity, I store everything a contractor would need into a single Evernote Note Link.  In addition, you should ensure that the file format for your melody and scratch vocals are in an MP3 format.

Useful tips for preparing your song for musician contractors:

  • Convert to MP3 (Evernote’s default audio recording is .amr– use a converter, like Online-Convert to make it easier for the Fiverr Seller to listen to and understand your melody for the song)

Hiring the Musicians

Since this post about hiring contractors on Fiverr, we’ll stick to their marketplace for the hiring process.

Useful tips for hiring musicians on Fiverr:

  • Start by browsing Fiverr.com to see what’s available.  Search for terms, like, “musician”, “singer“, “vocals” etc.  And then start getting more targeted with terms, like, “guitarist”, “violinist”, etc.
  • Move the contractors with the best Star Ratings up to the top of your list.  Star Ratings give insights into how the contractor performed for other gigs on Fiverr in the past.  This gives predictors for how they may work with you in the future.
  • Contact the Seller/Contractors on Fiverr, first, before booking the gig.  Here is an exact script I used:

    Hi, I’m interested in your gig and wanted to get your consideration before moving forward. The track for consideration includes, backing track, lyrics, and voice to lyrics for melody (see link below). It’s a track about mistake in identity — groovy beat, whimsical lyrics. Is this something that interests you? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s18/sh/983c4cd5-fd4a-4285-a0ec-70456b204ec6/67e7cb92f6ee339d524b085439a12fa2 Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Then, of course, hire the musician to do the portion of the song for you.

Mixing and Mastering

After you have received the deliveries from your Fiverr Seller, you then want to get the track mixed and delivered in final form.  This part is tricky.  Essentially, you’ll need the separated files (stems) from each prior Fiverr Gig.  The stems will then be delivered to your Mixing and Mastering Contractor.  The hardest part is actually identifying a good Fiverr contractor.

Essentially, it’s trial and error.  I had a contractor who offered mixing services and delivered a horrible product– time-and-time again.  It was just bad.  So we went back and forth — and finally he delivered an alright product– but, it took forever.

Useful tips for hiring a contractor to mix your song:

  • One arrangement that I’ve found is to work well is an agreement with a Seller/Contractor doing the song composition (eg. the instrumental for the song) to also be tasked to do the mixing and mastering (once the gig for the vocalist is complete). Let me know if you’d like pointers for how to set this up.
  • Other than that, it’s trial and error — or you can find someone offline to do the mixing and mastering.

The Final Product

Oh, how accomplished you’ll feel when the final product is delivered!  Depending on how you want to publish the song, you may want to convert the .wav file to an .mp3.  You might even opt for creating a Youtube video from the music file.

Additionally, you might consider using Fiverr.com as a resource for producing a music video for your new song.  Recommendations are listed below.

Resources and Recommendations

Below are resources for Seller/Contractors offering music services on Fiverr.  Think of it as a starting point as I did a lot of the research for you!

Note: The ” * ” by the name are the Sellers/Contractors I can personally recommend based on previous experience.

ServiceStarting PriceGig TitleUsernameGig Link
Composer$25I will make a unique HQ backing track for your song *meir4gtrhttp://bit.ly/2tX43QE
Vocals$10 I will record powerful dynamic vocals for you *garrelldewaynehttp://bit.ly/2eLYcvM
Vocals$5I will beautifully sing your song tzeitelabregohttp://bit.ly/2v5lyDA
Vocals$5I will sing and record in HQ in english hebrew italian in 24h nethaddadhttp://bit.ly/2tHAW8L
Vocals$5I will sing to your original song or a cover eliza8http://bit.ly/2vFXXpL
Vocals$25 I will sing songs in mandarin chinese alinahuhttp://bit.ly/2h0G8yx
Vocals$5I will sing your song in japanese yurishojihttp://bit.ly/2vGafP0
Vocals$5 I will record pro talkbox singing vocals zafsoundshttp://bit.ly/2vXIUHw
Vocals$75I will sing male vocals on your song antiphonmusichttp://bit.ly/2uUxXcN
Vocals$40I will be your studio vocalist charmaehttp://bit.ly/2vXQL7S
Vocals$10I will record female vocals for your song freddyparrahttp://bit.ly/2tzZYCz
Vocals$15I will sing in many languages rinewolvehttp://bit.ly/2uuFdLB
Vocals$25I will be your female singer on your music project osmriverahttp://bit.ly/2h0aAZA
Music Video$5I will make awesome music video markomraovichttp://bit.ly/2uWk3Xi
Music Video$25I will make animated lyrics music video yourchoicevideohttp://bit.ly/2vXQQZe
Music Video$100I will lip sync your music in a professional video augdiamondhttp://bit.ly/2uWIhAv
Music Video$75 I will create a visual music video for your song thevoidhttp://bit.ly/2uuZEbm
Music Video$10I will create a romantic happy music video for your song meetshikharhttp://bit.ly/2uxU8D8
Music Video$45 I will make an amazing music video elaperohttp://bit.ly/2tWW8mx

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Fiverr marketplace connects you with a lot of resources.  Leverage their marketplace when it comes to producing your song from start to finish.  Using Evernote can help you stay organized and consolidate all your thoughts in one central location for your song.  By having your song concept ready-to-go, you’re set-up to move quickly for getting your song mix delivered in final form.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Fiverr experiment!  What did you takeaway from this?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section of the star reviews below.  While you’re here, feel free to check out more experiments!

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