Amazon Wish Lists – What Politicians Secretly Wish For and How to Find the Information Yourself

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If you were considering buying a gift for someone, wouldn’t it be powerful if you could just look at a list of items the person wants?  Over a decade ago, Amazon.com revealed the Amazon Wish List which provided Amazon.com users the ability to add items-of-interest to their list as they were browsing the Amazon website.  The list would consolidate all the items the person wanted to get into one centralized location– the Wish List.  Little do people know, that until recently, that Wish List was set to “Public View” (by default) and anyone on the web could find that person’s wish list by simply typing in their name or email into the search box.  Wish Lists are how you discover this information.


The Social Justice Experiment

You can search for nearly any Amazon.com User’s Wish List.  If the person has started a wish list, many times the wish list is publicly viewable.  For this post, I focused-in on politicians wondering: what do they really want?

As I researched, I came across some interesting findings and then started asking myself, “Why hasn’t anyone covered this before?”

Amazon Wish List: What Is It

Rather than giving you a detailed  “Amazon Wish List explained” type of post, let me give you the gist.  Amazon.com provides it’s users the ability to add a product within their store to your Wishlist.  The wishlist is used as a way to store the products of interest — and that Amazon hopes you intend to possess in the future.

For years, Amazon has mastered conversion optimization on their website so they are very good at enticing you to purchase those items that you have identified as products-of-interest.  Though, Amazon wants you to be checking-off those items on your wishlist by adding them to your cart at checkout, Amazon also makes that list available to other people (for purchasing the products as gifts for you).

Amazon Wish List URL

You can search for anyone’s Amazon Wish List by going to the following website URL:


From there, you can find nearly anyone’s wish list by first and last name or even better, by email address.  By clicking on the Amazon Wish List link (above), you might surprised by whose wish lists you can find– because your Amazon Wish List can be found without sharing your Amazon Wish List.  Unless of course, the person you are searching for went through all their settings (in Amazon) and manually set all their settings to private– but, who really does that (in Amazon.com)?

Amazon Wish List Hack

Going through a variety of ideas at first, I developed an interesting experiment that I wanted to test: could I find out what politicians secretly wanted by reviewing their Amazon Wish Lists?  And so I reasoned, politicians deal in the world of ideas with consequences– that is politics.  As public servants, surely they wouldn’t mind me browsing what they secretly want to accumulate in their personal lives, right?

I set up my experiment in the following way:

  • Gather a list of politicians whom are currently serving or have served in the past
  • Go one-by-one and search for their Amazon Wish Lists
  • Use reasoning to make an educated guess as to whether that was their true Amazon account

Full-disclosure: I may have made a mistake.  If so, please hit me up on Twitter.

And the results were… awesome!  Check out below for some of the most remarkable findings!

Before diving in, I had no idea what to expect.  Now I have some ideas for what you can give to your favorite politicians!

What Politicians Don’t Want You to Know — Or Maybe They Do

With the holiday season right around the corner, you might be wondering: what should I give to my favorite politician, right?  Well, unless you are already aware of the fact that you can search for nearly anyone’s Wish List on Amazon, you might learn something below.

By default, Amazon Wish Lists are set to “public view” and most people don’t know this, including, public servants.  Of course, every Amazon.com user has the option to set their Wish List/s to be private, but let’s be honest: most people don’t do that.  And when you’re in the moment, browsing Amazon (depending on how savvy of a user you are) you’re a lot more likely to add the item to your wish list for buying the item later.

From my research, below are some of the remarkable findings from this experiment.  But before I start, I will let you know that I notified Ted Cruz’s office (during the election season) to give them a heads up of what was publicly viewable.  It was pretty remarkable.  Now, that account is not publicly viewable.

Note: The Amazon Wish Lists below are best viewed on a desktop as Amazon.com redirects the links on mobile devices!

What Rick Perry Wants

You can make Rick Perry happy by ordering him a couple fountain pens, some used horse shoes, or maybe a sweeeet horseshoe metal belt buckle.  Of course, you could also accessorize the fountain pens with an eyedropper refill bottle, too, if you want.  Maybe ordering him a flipcam is more of your style, though?  Who knows whether he actually has these items by now since he last updated his Amazon Wish List in 2011, though.

Check out Rick Perry’s Amazon Wish List.

What Rick Santorum Wants (NSFW)

Okay, in case you don’t know what NSFW means– it means not safe for work.  I almost didn’t publish this because it’s so bad– but, on second thought, who would really troll this hard for planting a fake Amazon Wish List?  It’s just a remarkable list.  Again, if it wasn’t actually him who posted this, who would?

Check out Rick Santorum’s Amazon Wish List.

What Hillary Clinton Wants (Almost NSFW)

How did the Republican Party miss this in their opposition research is what I want to know?  Like the previous finding, I don’t want to go into great detail about the wish list itself, but again, it is remarkable.  And by looking at the dates the items were added (in 2007), it makes you wonder…

Check out Hillary Clinton’s Amazon Wish List.

What Roy Moore Wants (OMG)

With all the allegations about Moore’s past, it makes you wonder what was going on when these items were added to the wish list.

Check out Roy Moore’s Wish List.

What John Thune Wants

Alright to tone it down a bit, Mr. Thune might just be happy with a tools organizer and a (boss) bucket grip.

Check out John Thune’s Wish List.

What Roger Wicker Wants

Mr. Wicker might’ve been happy with just an action sports camera with helmet and accessories.  Too bad (for you as the giftor), the item is no longer available on Amazon, but you can still see what he wanted!

Check out Roger Wicker’s Wish List.

What Dianne Feinstein Wants

Dianne Feinstein might’ve been happy back in 2005 with a couple cameras and a few books.

Check out Dianne Feinstein’s Wish List.

What Claire McCaskill Wants

Senator Claire McCaskill, from Missouri (represent, represent!), might’ve had some side-projects in mind back in 2007.  Looking for some DVD sleeves and some cookware items, you might’ve also pleased her with gifting a few books that were added to the wish list.

Check out Claire McCaskill’s Wish List.

What Sheldon Whitehouse Wants

Just a couple books.  That’s all your options for gifting to Mr. Whitehouse.

Check out Sheldon Whitehouse’s Wish List.

What John Barrasso Wants

Should we be worried if our politicians are wishing for bug out bags?  We also have guns (rifle and pistol), toys, clothing, books and more!  Lot’s of items to choose for gifting from this list.

Check out John Barrasso’s Wish List.

What Steny Hoyer Wants

Slim pickings.  Comforter set is your only choice (thus far).

Check out Steny Hoyer’s Wish List.

What Ben Ray Luján Wants

Mr. Ben Ray Luján might’ve intended to tighten up his presentation skills with a couple products on the wish list.  In addition, a guide to building chicken coops and a gardening product is on there.

Check out Ben Ray Luján’s Wish List.

What Terri Sewell Wants

Ms. Terri Sewell might just want shoes and make-up.

Check out Terri Sewell’s Wish List.

What Jackie Speier Wants

Ms. Jackie Speier wants it all — including the taco shaped pillow!

Check out Jackie Speier’s Wish List.

What Grace Napolitano Wants

Reprentative Grace Napolitano wants a Amazon Gift Card in a gift box, among other things.

Check out Grace Napolitano’s Wish List.

What Ted Lieu Wants

Okay, some household items, and a few books (including a mathematics competition preparation guide).  Looks about right!

Check out Ted Lieu’s Wish List.

What Maxine Waters Wants

Several books in the For Dummies series, a book about communism, and several books relating to economics and investing principles for kids.

Check out Maxine Waters’ Wish List.

What Darrell Issa Wants

Mr. Darrell Issa appears to only be in-need of an iPhone battery case.  Lucky for you, it was added in November 2017, so there’s still a chance to gift it to him this holiday season!

Check out Darrell Issa’s Wish List.

What Doug Lamborn Wants

Mr. Lamborn might be look for you to gift him his new aquarium.

Check out Doug Lamborn’s Wish List.

What Ron DeSantis Wants

Unfortunately it’s no longer available to purchase on Amazon, but at one time, he was looking a laser-thing.

Check out Ron DeSantis’s Wish List.

What Dennis Ross Wants

Since 2010, Dennis Ross has been updating his Amazon Wishlist regularly about once a year.  There are some interesting findings.  A few books in the realm of personal development, some pajamas and a Kindle Fire are still on his list.

Check out Dennis Ross’ Wish List.

What Ted Deutch Wants

All Ted Deutch wants (from his wish list) is a fiction book.

Check out Ted Deutch’s Wish List.

What Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Wants

According to her wish list, all she wants is the Ultimate Collection of Diana Ross and The Supremes.

Check out Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s Wish List.

What Raúl Labrador Wants

Help this man out and just give him the lug nut set he’s looking for!

Check out Raúl Labrador’s Wish List.

What Tammy Duckworth Wants

All Tammy wants this season is an a couple sets of cookware– can you please help her out?

Check out Tammy Duckworth’s Wish List.

What Cheri Bustos Wants

Cheri Bustos wants an insider’s guide for getting the best treatment as a patient.  If you want to be the one to give this to her, you better hurry– there are only a few copies left in stock!

Check out Cheri Bustos’ Wish List.

What Marlin Stutzman Wants

Mr. Stutzman has been eyeing a remote control helicopter for the last few years.

Check out Marlin Stutzman’s Wish List.

What Dave Loebsack Wants

Mr. Loebsack has been adding items to his Wish List since 2010, and some of the items are available to gift!  In his list, you’ll find ATV tires, a 3D LED TV, and a few other items.

Check out Dave Loebsack’s Wish List.

What Thomas Massie Wants

Mr. Massie is looking at a few household appliances, including, a few espresso machines.

Check out Thomas Massie’s Wish List.

What Chellie Pingree Wants

Ms. Pingree might be looking to you to help her receive a couple movies she’s been looking forward to this holiday season.

Check out Chellie Pingree’s Wish List.

What Chris Van Hollen Wants

Mr. Van Hollen just wants a Neil Diamond DVD and some algae control solution.

Check out Chris Van Hollen’s Wish List.

What Niki Tsongas Wants

She wants an Irish cook book and a Yo Yo Ma holiday CD.

Check out Niki Tsongas’ Wish List.

What Stephen F. Lynch Wants

In 2014, Mr. Lynch created a “New Wish List” which hasn’t been updated since that same year.  Back in 2014, he wanted to get several personal development books.

Check out Stephen F. Lynch’s Wish List.

What Keith Ellison Wants

Back in 2009, Mr. Ellison was looking at adding a couple books to his collection.

Check out Keith Ellison’s Wish List.

What Tom Emmer Wants

In 2009, Tom Emmer was just looking to add a Bob Dylan song to his music collection.

Check out Tom Emmer’s Wish List.

What Steve Israel Wants

In 2010, Steve Israel added a couple items to his wish list, including a book and a movie.

Check out Steve Israel’s Wish List.

What Grace Meng Wants

Ms. Grace Meng has added a couple beauty care items to here wish list for the past couple years, including, mascara and eye shadow.

Check out Grace Meng’s Wish List.

What Nydia Velázquez Wants

In 2015, Ms. Nydia Velázquez was looking for some fiber pills.

Check out Nydia Velázquez’s Wish List.

What Mark Meadows Wants

Back in 2002, Mr. Meadows added a flash for his Canon camera.  He hasn’t updated his wish list since.

Check out Mark Meadows’ Wish List.

What Marcia Fudge Wants

Since 2015, Ms. Marcia Fudge has been updating her wish list.  On the list, you’ll find a variety of items, including, audio books, leggings, etc.

Check out Marcia Fudge’s Wish List.

What Jim Bridenstine Wants

Since 2012, Mr. Bridenstine has been making his list and checking it twice.  You’ll find everything from a list of books he wants, to massage gear, to supplements in his wish list.

Check out Jim Bridenstine’s Wish List.

What Frank Lucas Wants

Mr. Lucas has been adding unique items to his wish list since 2013.  From an alarm clock, to a watch band, to cartridges, you’ll find it on his wish list.

Check out Frank Lucas’ Wish List.

What Scott Perry Wants

Mr. Perry has added a variety on his wish list.  Some may be saved for people other than himself– unless he’s looking to buy a doll and video game for himself?  Besides that, he might still be looking for a medicine cabinet and a few books.

Check out Scott Perry’s Wish List.

What Charlie Dent Wants

Earlier this year, Mr. Dent added an end table to his wish list.

Check out Charlie Dent’s Wish List.

What David Cicilline Wants

A few years ago, Mr. Cicilline was looking for a cordless phone.

Check out David Cicilline’s Wish List.

What Mick Mulvaney Wants

Since 2013, Mr. Mulvaney has been adding some interesting books to his wish list.  Topics from meditation to data science, and everything in between seem to have been added to his wish list over the years.

Check out Mick Mulvaney’s Wish List.

Want Chuck Fleischmann Wants (NSFW)

Back in 2013, an “item” was added to this wish list.  The item is no longer available on Amazon.com, but it’s still added to Mr. Fleischmann’s wish list.

Check out Chuck Fleischmann’s Wish List.

What Michael McCaul Wants

In the year 2000, Mr. McCaul added a book to his wish list.

Check out Michael McCaul’s Wish List.

What Lamar Smith Wants

In 2013, Mr. Smith added a few items to his wish list and hasn’t updated it since.  You’ll find a couple items he wanted for his jeep and a Frank Zappa CD.

Check out Lamar Smith’s Wish List.

What Kenny Marchant Wants

In 2002, Mr. Marchant added an Andrew Carnegie book to his wish list.  It hasn’t been updated since, though.

Check out Kenny Marchant’s Wish List.

What Jason Chaffetz Wants

For the past few years, Mr. Chaffetz has been updating his wish list.  On the Amazon Wish List are items, including, an external hard drive, several books, furniture and more.

Check out Jason Chaffetz’s Wish List.

What Peter Welch Wants

In 2010, Mr. Welch was interested in getting a book about un-spoiling a child.

Check out Peter Welch’s Wish List.

What Scott Rigell Wants

In 2002, Mr. Rigell was looking at some woodworking gear.

Check out Scott Rigell’s Wish List.

What Randy Forbes Wants

As of now, his wish list is empty.  Keep a look out for new items, though, at the link below.

Check out Randy Forbes’ Wish List.

What Robert Hurt Wants

In 2013, Mr. Hurt created a “New Wish List” and several items have been added to the list.  On the list, you’ll find everything from books, scents and perfumes, and more.

Check out Robert Hurt’s Wish List.

What Barbara Comstock Wants

For the past couple years, Ms. Comstock has added a few books she’d like to add to her collection.

Check out Barbara Comstock’s Wish List.

What Gerry Connolly Wants

Since 2007, Mr. Connolly has been eyeing a few books which are on his wish list.

Check out Gerry Connolly’s Wish List.

What Suzan DelBene Wants

Ms. DelBene has been looking for a few books and a spool of yarn as noted on her wish list.

Check out Suzan DelBene’s Wish List.

What Dan Newhouse Wants

In 2014, Mr. Newhouse has been looking at a few audiobooks that he’s been looking to get.

Check out Dan Newhouse’s Wish List.

What Derek Kilmer Wants

Mr. Kilmer hasn’t updated his wish list since 2004, but he was looking for several books.

Check out Derek Kilmer’s Wish List.

What Dennis Heck Wants

Mr. Heck was adding items to his wish list since 2010 and then stopped in 2013.  On his list, you’ll find a book, a tennis ball machine and an iPhone case.

Check out Dennis Heck’s Wish List.

What David McKinley Wants

In 2010, Mr. McKinley added a couple items to his wish list and then stopped adding items in the same year.

Check out David McKinley’s Wish List.

What Alex Mooney Wants

Since 2008, Mr. Mooney has been adding items to his wish list.  The items are mostly books and woodworking equipment.

Check out Alex Mooney’s Wish List.

What Stacey Plaskett Wants

In 2016, Ms. Plaskett added some Pokemon cards to her wish list.

Check out Stacey Plaskett Wish List.

What Gregorio Sablan Wants

Back in 2003 and 2004, Mr. Sablan added a couple books that he wanted to add to his collection.

Check out Gregorio Sablan’s Wish List.

Amazon Wish List Review

By looking at the results from the Amazon Wish Lists, it’s apparent that books (in a variety of formats) tend to be the most popular items.  Do you see other correlations or interesting findings?

Here’s where you come in!  Want to help continue to develop this list?  Help contribute to the list by one of the two ways below!

Submit your findings

You can use the form below to submit new Amazon Wish Lists that you want to be added to this list.  If it makes sense, it will be posted on this page!

Share your findings

If you would rather share your findings with an opinion, use the hashtag #WishListExposed on Twitter and it’ll show up in the widget below!


Keep reading to learn how you can find this kind of information yourself!

Amazon Wish List Guide

A graphic for wish list on Amazon with little girl in background

To help you guide your way to understanding more about the Amazon Wish List system, learn more below.

Amazon Wish List Shared vs Public

Let’s first cover some of the most popular questions about the default privacy settings for Amazon Wish Lists.

Amazon Wish List Privacy

Amazon.com gives you the option to select privacy levels for your Amazon Wish Lists.  In the past, the default privacy settings for Amazon Wish Lists were publicly viewable.  Since most people didn’t know their wish list was publicly viewable, there was not a reason to change the settings.

Nowadays, when you create a wish list, the default is “Private”.  Unless you select “Public” for your privacy setting, you should be alright in protecting your wish list from the public.

Amazon Wish List Public

According to Amazon, when a wishlist is set to “Public,” it means “People can search for your public lists and see them on your public profile.”  When a Wish List is publicly viewable, as mentioned earlier in this article, you can go here to search for the person’s wish list.

Amazon Wish List Not Public

To have your wish list be not publicly viewable, you need to change the settings for the Wish List.  According to Amazon, when a wish list is set to “Private”, “Only you can see this list.”  However, it’s also important to remember that you can also created a “Shared” wish list which will allow you to keep your wish list private from the public, though, people with the link to your wish list can view your wish list.  You can learn more about the different privacy levels for your Amazon Wish List here.

How to Find an Amazon Wish List

Finding a person’s Amazon Wish List is very simple.  To view someone’s Amazon Wish List you simply need to know either the person’s name or the person’s email address.  From there, you can go to the following link to search for the person’s wish list.

Amazon Wish List Lookup:


How to Find Your Friend’s Wishlist on Amazon

Simply by going to the Amazon Wish List Search (link above), choose to search by first and last name or search by email.  From there, if your friend is an Amazon User– and has created a wish list in the past– you will be able to view their Amazon User Wishlist.  There are several uses for wish lists, including an Amazon Registry Wish List so it’s common for friends to search other friends’ wish lists.

Amazon Wish List Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for developing your Amazon Wish List.

  • If you want your wish list be something you develop and only want certain people to be able to access your Wish List, change the settings of the Wish List to “Shared”.  This way, only people who have the link (which you provide for them) will be able to access your Amazon Wish List.
  • If you want your wish list to be only accessible to you personally, change the settings of the Wish List to “Private”.
  • If you don’t mind who finds your wish list, change the settings of the Wish List to “Public”.

Have other recommendations for Amazon Wish Lists?  Please post your comments in the star reviews below this post!

Amazon Wish List FAQ

Check out some of the common questions and answers about Amazon Wish Lists.

How to hide your physical address with Amazon Wish Lists?

Several years ago Amazon.com had a glitch in their system where you could actually find people’s physical address via their Amazon Wish List, though, this hole has apparently been resolved.  Obviously, there are concerns when anyone can find the physical address you want associated with your Amazon.com account.  Noticing other’s feedback, it appears that there isn’t a need to hide your address since it has become the default on Amazon.com accounts.

Does Amazon Wish List Remove Purchased Items from the List?

Amazon.com will allow you to filter the Wish List by “purchased” which will give the giftee a way to see which items they want, but haven’t been purchased for them.  We’re still awaiting a reply to see whether the purchased items are removed from the wish list itself.  If you have an answer, please leave in the star review comments sections below!

What is the difference between Amazon Wish List and Save for Later?

The difference is in how the Wish List and Save For Later are stored within your account.  With Amazon Wish Lists, you’re adding it to a list where you have either consciously or unconsciously set the privacy settings to view.  A Save for Later option is for personal use, in which you can view the item to determine to add it to your cart at a later date.

In Conclusion

Amazon Wish Lists reveal what people really want, and they can be easily accessed.  Beyond developing a list of gift ideas for a friend or family member, insights can be gained for opposition research (for political campaigns) along with other use-cases.  Amazon will continue to improve their system to innovate and in doing so, it opens up unique opportunities which reveal what people secretly wish for.

James Corden (and team) got it dead wrong.

See above to learn what Hilary Clinton really wanted.

How do you plan to use this information?  Let me know by leaving a comment in the star ratings below!

Note: this post contains affiliate links to Amazon.com.  Purchases resulted from links clicked on in this page might provide a small commission for any bought items at no additional charge.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Amazon Wishlist experiment!  What did you takeaway from this?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section of the star reviews below.  While you’re here, feel free to check out more experiments!

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